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One of the great things about hiring a Tartan Campervan is that you get to explore the great outdoors, as well as having some home comforts wherever you are in Scotland.

With the luxury of being able to step outside straight into fields and onto beaches comes the small downside that there is lots of muck you and the kids might bring into the camper. The benefit of having a small campervan so you can easily get around anywhere you like, without having to worry about turning circles, height or weight restrictions, will mean that there is limited kitchen space for the preparation of fresh food. With the privilege of having running water in your own vehicle comes the need to utilise less water than you may be used to, in order to save supplies in between water tank fills ups. These few worries will easily be wiped away with a few tips from The Tartan Camper Company.

VW Camper Water Tanks

We have lots of different sizes of water tanks in our VW campervans but you will need to get used to using a lot less water than you do at home- used sensibly, a full tank should last you a week…

Happy Campers…..

Its best to use hot water and antibacterial washing up liquid when cleaning up after food preparation and meal times but if the rest of your campervan gets mucky, you don’t necessarily need much water to keep it clean- you just need a few good antibacterial products.

Have packs of antibacterial wipes like Dettol or similar around so you can wipe down sides, cabinets, floors and any spillages.

Keep a few bottles of drinking water as it is not recommended drinking from the tap..

Make sure that you have chemical loo cleaner, available from most camp shops, rather than just ordinary toilet cleaner.

A clean camper is a happy camper………..

Tartan Campervan Hire

Tartan Campervan Hire


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