Campervan Hire Cost Saving Tips

Campervan holidays have long been considered an affordable holiday option, particularly for families. The self contained nature of a Tartan Camper means that you can avoid constant eating out and spend more on your favourite travel activities.

That being said, there are many ways you can squeeze more value from your trip. The Tartan Camper Company is able to share a number of insider campervan hire tips. We hope these cost saving ideas will help you stretch your Scottish touring budget even further.

Consider hiring a GPS.

Initially, this may seem like an additional expense. How will spending money on GPS hire save money? However, when you consider one of the biggest expenses when hiring a campervan is fuel, it makes perfect sense.

Losing your way in the Scottish Highlands can quickly eat up your fuel budget. Keeping a traditional road atlas on hand is a great idea, particularly in remote areas where GPS signals can be compromised. However, constant road works, particularly in the City, mean paper maps can quickly become out of date.

The stress of driving around an unfamiliar Town can be daunting. Your GPS can both alleviate the stress and eliminate any additional expense associated with taking the long way to your destination.

In any case, we’ve all experienced the ordeal of a classic navigation argument. If your directions come from an electronic device, you will avoid much debate about which route to take.

The Tartan Camper Company offer GPS rentals at an affordable daily rental rate.

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